Our ‘who’

Everyone of our team has been on (and of course still is) their own personal journey. They have made mistakes along the way, learned from them, pushed themselves to be better, and have a story to share. We want to inspire our guests, ignite that fire deep inside and help build that drive to achieve excellence and fulfil your potential.


Dr Nestor Demosthenous
MBChB, MSc Aesth Med, BSc Hons Neuro Edin

Dr Nestor is one of Scotland’s most experienced and renowned aesthetic doctors. Cited as an expert in industry publications and frequently featured in consumer magazines, he is an expert voice for the aesthetics industry’s most acclaimed brands including Cutera and Allergan. In addition, he regularly speaks at international conferences and has been a published author in Aesthetic Medicine. With a passion for Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Nestor has dedicated most of his medical career to this specialty, launching his eponymous Medical & Cosmetic Centre in Edinburgh’s prestigious New Town in 2016.

Lynsey Georgeson

My passion for health and fitness means that working with the team at Anasa is kind of a dream job and pinch me experience, to be honest.

No-one likes to feel the burn of a hard testing workout and the endorphin reward after more than me! I make that statement with full sincerity.

I think a retreat in whatever format one chooses is such a wonderful gift and act of self love for yourself.

Nicole Sayers

To me, life is about balance: balanced work-life vs personal life, balanced consumption of nutrition vs chocolate, the balance of water intake vs wine intake … seriously I quite genuinely think my body has an equal composition of one part water, one part red wine and one part oat milk cappuccino!


Dr Laura Freeman
MMBChB, MRCGP, CCFP, Dip IBLM/BSLM, GP & Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr Laura Freeman received her Medical Degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2006. She completed her vocational training in General Practice in Manchester in 2011. Between May 2012 and May 2019, after attaining full accreditation from the Medical Council of Canada, Dr Freeman ran her own Family Medicine practice in midtown Toronto, taught medical students at the University of Toronto and worked with the Medical Council of Canada as an examiner for International Medical Graduates.

Dr Sam Robson
MBChB,MRCGP,MBCAM, Dip BSLM/ IBLM, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr Sam graduated from Aberdeen University in 1991, where she then trained as a GP, qualifying in 1997. She began her training in medical aesthetics in 2004. She is Medical Director of the multi award winning clinic, Temple Clinic in Aberdeen, which specialises in anti-ageing, problem skin, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, weight loss and body contouring.

Katrina Skinner

Katrina is an accredited transformational life coach, success coach and Forth 1 radio coach. Her background and career has successfully spanned more than 20 years, holding senior leadership roles, in a number of major Corporate Financial Services organisations in Edinburgh and London.

Katrina specialises in both mindset and intuition coaching to help her clients gain powerful insights into what’s truly stopping them from becoming the best version of themselves.

Laura Riley

Laura has accumulated 23 years of experience as a nurse within the NHS and in more recent years, has worked in a senior position within the NHS. This experience has allowed Laura to tune in intuitively to the full human experience and transfer these skills to her coaching practice. These many skills include leadership, compassion and understanding of people on a deeper level.


Dean Robertson
Owner and Director of Elysium

Creating Elysium really is a dream come true. From a young age I had a burning ambition to change the health of a nation and improve the lives of others through fitness.

After over a decade in the Health and Fitness industry, I have created a new concept in modern training facility where people can experience the ultimate training experience to improve their fitness, health and performance.

Operations Manager & Coach

I first started at Elysium as a member. Watching, learning and loving everything the place had to offer. This then pushed me to gain my coaching qualifications. I knew that from a young age I wanted to help people, I just wasn’t sure how. Gaining my coaching qualification meant more to me than anything. I had an instant connection to helping females move on from a place I had once been in (which was a place of no enjoyment for fitness, being petrified of the gym and the judgement of what I was doing inside the gym by others) to feeling strong, secure and happy in my own skin.

Personal Training Manager & Coach

I love coaching – coaching people to become stronger, fitter more confident individuals by educating them during high energy sessions is my biggest passion and I get to live that within Elysium.

I completed my personal training qualification within Elysium and have been here ever since; the culture is ingrained into everything that I do. I have since gone on to complete further qualifications in nutrition and functional fitness to ensure I continually develop as a coach and continue to leave every person I encounter in a better position both mentally and physically.

Team Training Manager & Coach

My goal is to educate, empower and inspire others to become their fittest, strongest self – in both body and mind. I love sharing my passion for all things fitness and nutrition, and helping others create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in which they can better their performance both in and out of the gym.

Team Coach

Following the completion of my strength and conditioning Master’s Degree, I have been lucky enough to work as a strength coach in both professional football and Rugby Union. These roles have given me the opportunity to work closely with a variety of other athletes and coaches, all working hard to achieve their personal and collective goals.

I was very excited to be offered a position as a Team Coach within Elysium. Although this is a new environment for me, the Elysium team and facilities are of the highest quality, and I’m honoured to be a part of it. I want to use the knowledge and skills I have gained from previous roles to help everyone at Elysium reach their athletic potential.