Soarsa 1875 is the perfect venue to host our inaugural retreat, and we will use every inch of the incredible space it offers!

The hotel boasts ten wonderful double bedrooms, which means we can accommodate 20 guests on each Anasa retreat (But for the debut retreat to ensure it is a really special experience, we shall host just 16 guests!)

This is a wonderful number for a group retreat as it allows each guest to benefit from every facet of the retreat. Group activities including educational sessions, yoga, meditation, and life coaching will be that much more special with such an intimate and relaxed group. Our aim is to make this one of the best, most fulfilling weeks of your life.


Given the nature of the rooms, all guests will share with one other guest. You can choose to come with a partner or friend, someone who realises they do not want to miss out on this incredible week! But, if you prefer to come alone (as we are all on our own personal journey), you will be allocated a room with another guest of the same gender who is also attending the retreat.

For our first ever week (we are actually giddy with excitement!) we are limiting spaces to 16 guests so the debut retreat will be an even more intimate affair than those that follow.

What’s included:

  • Accommodation Tuesday 10th to Sunday 15th August.
  • All meals (and snacks- you’re going to need them!)
  • All activities including (but not limited to!):
    • Group and individual consultations with Lifestyle Medicine doctors
    • Life coaching sessions
    • Yoga
    • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions

We request that guests do not bring their own food or drink (including alcohol). We promise all of ours is delicious, nutritious, and plentiful! There will be no alcohol served during the week. This week is about you learning how incredible your body is and what it NEEDS, as well as what it does not.

Cost (per person) – £1950

To reserve your place or to find out more to speak to one of our team for further details or to secure your place for this August! 

Once you have secured your place, we will send out a list of what you need to bring with you (active wear, water bottles, appropriate shoes etc).

Alternatively, get in touch via our contact form below.