a retreat like no other


Aνάσα is Greek for breath – it’s that glorious inhale that fills our lungs to prepare us for the journey and the road ahead. We are inquisitive, ready to learn, eager to challenge ourselves.

Through challenge comes change. Deep breath in. Exhale. We are going to do wonderful things together. Breathe.

Find out more in our intro video by Dr Nestor here.


Aνάσα is a retreat like no other in the UK. Aνάσα is education. Aνάσα is a healthful life. We’re going to teach you about you. Today, right now, more than ever before, we are mindful of our health, both mental and physical. How do we achieve our best selves? How do we become healthy or healthier? Nutrition. Physical Activity. Stress management. Sleep. Avoid or minimise toxins. Positive Relationships. These are the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. Supported by an overwhelming amount of clinical data, we know exactly how to live a more healthful, rewarding life.

live a more
rewarding life


Our team has been purposefully selected to bring out the best in you. Our Lifestyle Medicine doctors will help you identify areas for improvement in all six pillars and support you with a plan to get started. Our personal trainers will prove to you how glorious your body is and what it can achieve. You’re going to be supported, encouraged, and guided (not pushed or dragged across the finish line).


We can all benefit from small, positive and deliberate changes to what we eat, how we move, and ultimately our quality of life throughout our life. You will leave informed, inspired and in awe of what you can do.

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